Engine-Powered Folklifts


C1F1/ C1F2 Cushion Tire Model
The Cushion Tyre models boast great ability in tight indoor spaces, with the smallest dimensions of any of the 1F Series, high stability, and a range of models from 1.5 to 3.6t.
Model (lpg)C1F1
Load capacitykg150017502000
Engine (Nissan) K21K21K21
Load centremm500500500
Overall widthmm970970970
Turning radiusmm173517651800
Model (lpg)C1F2
Load capacitykg200025002750300032503000*3500*3600*
Engine (Nissan) K21/K25K21/K25K21/K25K25K25K25K25K25
Load centremm500500500500500500500600
Overall widthmm10701070111511151115111511651165
Turning radiusmm19301930202020502070205520952130